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Lee Armory and M+M Industries;

2017 – 2018 Brought Cugir Romania joining the pack, exporting brand new AKM kits and Cugir Cold Hammer Forged and Chrome Lined Barrels. Further, these parts are imported by M+M industries and manufactured by Lee Armory. Moreover, these parts include forged trunnions and forged carriers built on the same machinery military AKs flow from.  Moreover, these are built on US receivers and sold as complete rifles.  Original Article From SHTF Blog.

Indestructible Rifle

AKM’s Receivers are  stamped from a smooth 1.0 mm (0.04 in) sheet of steel. Further, compared with the AK 47 where the receiver was machined from heavier gauge steel. A rear stock trunnion and forward barrel trunnion are fastened to the U-shaped receiver using rivets. Receiver housing also features a rigid tubular cross-section support that adds structural strength. Guide rails that assist the bolt carrier’s movement which also incorporates the ejector are installed inside the receiver through spot welding. As a weight-saving measure, the stamped receiver cover is of thinner gauge metal than that of the AK-47. In order to maintain strength and durability it employs both longitudinal and latitudinal reinforcing ribs.

Lee Armory Forged Romanian Military Parts

Lee Armory and Legendary AKM
Manufacture M+M Industries (M10X Rifles) teamed up to provide a cost effective AKM Style Rifle. AK 47 Style Rifle manufactured from current Forged Military Production Parts. Each rifle contains hand pressed Russian Spec Rivets and a Romanian Military Cold Hammer Forged Barrel. Cerakote by We Plead The 2nd, XTech MAG47 Magazines and Tango Down Grips for compliance. We are proud to announce, New Romanian Military AK Rifles in several configurations to fit your needs!

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