Lee Armory is a FFL07/SOT02 which Manufactures and Customizes the Kalashnikov platform of firearms. 

Started in Racine Wisconsin in 2012, we have grown and moved to the beautiful state of Arizona. Here, we have flourished providing both Production models of our own rifles as well as services modifying and/or repairing all manner of Kalashnikov firearms. 

Over the years much has changed as many things do. Staff, tooling, methods, Political atmosphere – but there is one thing that has stayed the same: Our Mission.

Lee Armory exists to provide the rugged reliability people expect from Combloc firearms while using American ingenuity to create them. Our fixtures and methods are a blend of old and new incorporating CNC-made fixturing and tooling with old-world hand fitting to create a perfect balance. 

EVERY firearm is test fired at least twice: once for sight alignment at 200 yards, and again for function testing before shipping as part of our QC process. This guarantees a high level of reliability expected by our customers. 

Lee Armory strives to maintain relationships with leading Accessory Manufacturers so we can stay informed of the latest and greatest parts coming to market, comparability therein, and always look to incorporate them into our firearms to create creative products for our consumers. 

Lee Armory can provide the Kalashnikov firearm to fit your needs from Self Defense to Tactical Training, Competitive shooting, all the way to Clone Collecting. Whether you’re looking to buy off the shelf, repair or customize, have your own parts built into your dream gun, or take a build class, Lee Armory is your source for all Kalashnikov related needs. 

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