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AK Gunsmithing - AK Builders

Please see “Build my Kit” for a complete guide on how to proceed!

AK Gunsmithing

AK Gunsmithing provided by Lee Armory professional services. We manufacture RPK, RPD, AKM, GALIL and many other rifles.  Furthermore, we provide complete restoration of Vintage Romanian, Russian, Polish 1960’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s AK Rifles. Moreover, our builds feature Russian Spec Rivets with improved strength. Proudly working with sanctioned Russian Firearms, Molot and SAIGA. These types of firearms require an experienced AK Gunsmith to convert since they are no longer importable. Nevertheless, Lee Armory’s AK Gunsmiths with years of experience will accept and most importantly build your dream rifle with no issues. Above all, Lee Armory prides itself on Quality Control of all products before leaving our factory in Phoenix, Arizona.

Thinking about an RPK? We’ve build hundreds of RPK’s from Romanian to Yugo. Moreover, send us your AK/RPK Gunsmithing Kit project for a lifetime of support and enjoyment from Lee Armory.

AK Build pricing are as follows:

Barrel Populations – $125
Fixed Stock Builds – $300
Folding Stock Builds – $350
Yugo Kit Builds – $375
Galil, RPK, Everything Else– $400

Additionally, AK Parts Kits can be purchased from Arms of America or from our Romanian Parts Kit Section.

* Currently, Lee Armory stocks all other parts including 922r.
* Further, we can also supply a kit for you, therefore see options within Build Type.

To clarify, please see “Build my Kit” for a complete guide on how to proceed!


More information regarding Lee Armory and M+M Manufacturing;

2017 – 2018 Brought Cugir Romania joining the pack, exporting brand new AKM kits and Cugir Cold Hammer Forged and Chrome Lined Barrels. These parts are imported by M+M industries and manufactured by Lee Armory. These parts include forged trunnions and forged carriers built on the same machinery military AKs flow from.  Moreover, these are built on US receivers and sold as complete rifles.  Original Article From SHTF Blog.