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Desert Brutality 2019 – Day 1

View this post on Instagram #Repost @kineticap1 with @get_repost ・・・ Checking out a @leearmory AK at the #desertbrutality2019 match. That feeling you get when you find out it’s full auto to boot. Of course it’s coated by @wepleadthe2nd #TeamWPT2 #WePleadThe2nd #ke_arms #vortex #VortexOptics #VortexNation #asym #asymammo #qore #qoreperformance #s3f #s3fsolutions #accuracymatters #breakthroughclean #redwiregear #bombproofgear #overwatchprecision […]

Shooting the Lee Armory Full Auto AK47

BY JEFF · 31JAN19 Shooting the Lee Armory Full Auto AK47 The Gear Report team runs a few magazines of 7.62×39 through Lee Armory’s Military Classic post sample rifle at the 2019 Anteris Alliance Try and Buy event at the Pro Gun club in Boulder Nevada at the beginning of SHOT Show week 2019. AK47 […]

AK Build Classes 2019

Lee Armory’s Build Class: Make your own AK rifle January 30, 2019 by Mark Miller The guys at Lee Armory know AKs. They run a manufacturing operation and have all the jigs fitting and parts for building AK rifles. They also have a cadre of gunsmiths who know and love the Kalashnikov design in all of its variants. Most […]

Lee Armory at Shot Show 2019!

Shot Show 2019 brought Lee Armory into the KVAR/MSR line up, next to quality import brands Molot and Arsenal. Further, M+M Industries and XTech Tactical featured several of our rifles for customers to review and examine manufacturing quality. Cassandra Harris joins our Senior Team as CEO/Owner of Lee Armory along side Joshua Leighton Owner/Sr Builder, […]

Lee Armory Test Fires w/ AZMario4774

View this post on Instagram When your new job consist of helping build AKs , test fit mags and test fire ! @leearmory is where you can find me ! Shooting a @leearmory romi BFPU ! Gets yours today ! They are flying off the racks ! #ak47 #aklife #akm #aklyfe #kalashlife #kalashlyfe #762×39 #romikits […]

Polenar Tactical and AZMario4774 w/ Lee Armory BFPU Modified

View this post on Instagram Lee Armory would like to thank our very own AK Builder and Firearms Training Instructor Mario for his time in Texas! ==> Repost from @azmario4774 – Ziga from @polenartactical taking some shots through my @leearmory rifle he thought it was “FUCKING AWSOME” #kalashgamestrong #akoperator #akoperators #leearmory #Ak #AKM #AK47 #bfpu […]

Taking a Lee Armory Rifle and Dumping Ammo

Featuring – Hungarian Pistol, upgrades – WBP Gas Block, JMAC Adapter and Shockwave KAK Brace. – Romanian M1964 RPK w/ Khyber Customs Cheese Grater – Romanian “BFPU” w/ AMD-65 Muzzle Brake Some bum from Colorado! View this post on Instagram When the hommies come to town ????? Lee Armory Rifles, => www.leearmory.com A post shared […]

Lee Armory – Shooters Gauntlet Labor Day 2017 DVD

NOW SHIPPING on DVD! Shooters Gauntlet 2017 Labor Day Machinegun Shoot! June 2018 Event! View this post on Instagram GET YOUR COPY TODAY! Stone Mountain Machine Gun Shoot. Shout out to @svmediafilms and @bad.ass.media for video! A post shared by LEE ARMORY (@leearmory) on Feb 3, 2018 at 10:42pm PST

MrGunsNGear- Hungarian Premium w/ JMAC Brake

#Repost @mrgunsngear (@get_repost) ・・・ The #bluewaffle from @circle10ak was spotted today at the range ? – @leearmory Hungarian Operator Premium rifle @jmaccustoms AIMR short flash hider @hecklerandkoch USP45 in a @qvo_tactical rig ?? – #gunstagram #kalashlife #kalashnikov #kalash #762×39 #rifle #shooting #shootsteel #pew #pewpew #akm #ak #ak47 #?? #??

AK Parts Kit Builders Military Arms Channel – Review!

AK Parts Kit Builders! The popular AK-47 has build kit options, just like the AR-15 does. Anyone can build their own custom AK-47 in the comfort of their own home with just a little bit of know how. The AR-15 is undoubtedly the most popular rifle in America. With untold thousands of manufacturers making AR-15s, […]