• Woman Owned Corporation

    Employing Veterans

  • Contact Phone

    (602) 715-2188

Contact Cordelia Gun Exchange or KVAR for all Lee Armory California Products!

About Cordelia Gun Exchange

Provide excellent customer service, competitive pricing, and an emphasis on building long term relationships with our customers. Additionally,  AR15 style rifles to handguns, accessories, and collectible firearms. Main goal was to make firearms purchasing as simple as possible with a positive atmosphere. Also Cordelia Gun Exchange staff also takes the time with each customer to make sure they are confident in their purchase and our service. We love hearing our customers tell us things “You are my gun shop” and “I am so glad I found you guys.” It makes us happy to see that we are building a very loyal customer base, and we will continue to provide excellent excellent service and strive to be the best. If you haven’t stopped by yet, please come see for yourself!

Come down and meet our friendly and knowledgeable staff!Cordelia Gun Exchange Knowledgeable and Friendly Staff

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