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Lee Armory’s delivered firearms to New York for many years now; with the Safe Act in place, we’ve developed and made available our RL-762 Hunter Rifle in 7.62×39. We’ve worked with M+M Industries, ROMARM, Forged Military Parts, Cold Hammer Forged Barrels to provide an AK Style Rifle suited for Patriots behind enemy lines and avid hunters. RL-762

Hunter does not feature Barrel Threads, Bay

onet Lugs, Pistol Grip, Foregrip, Thing that goes up or Forward Trigger. We’ve measured trigger pull around 4lbs with excellent results at 200 yards. Cold Hammer Forged, Chrome Lined Barrels improve Shooter Performance in Extreme Heat conditions. MADE IN USA Buttstock, 10 Round US Magazine (Rifle Accepts Double Stack High Capacity Magazines), Russian Spec Rivets and Cerakote by We Plead the 2nd.

Assault Weapons

Section 37 of the bill amends Penal Law § 265.00(22) in order to
strengthen New York’s assault weapon ban, expanding its reach and
making it easier to enforce. The proposed amendments replace the
existing ban consisting of and a “two-feature” test adopted from the
now-expired federal assault weapons ban with a clearer “one-feature”
test. The “two-feature” test bans any gun that is semi-automatic, has
a detachable magazine (in the case of pistols and rifles), and
possesses two features that are commonly associated with military
weapons. The “one-feature” test would ban semi-automatic guns with
detachable magazines that possess one feature commonly associated with
military weapons. This section also adds to the list of “features”
that characterize a banned weapon.

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