• Woman Owned Corporation

    Employing Veterans

  • Contact Phone

    (602) 715-2188

Lee Armory makes a specialty of gunsmithing. It’s not one thing we tend to do on the facet, it’s our family business. Our knowledgeable staff has worked on virtually 1000’s of guns, therefore; Once we say full service we mean it! We tend to approach gunsmithing otherwise than most, instead of running from technology, we tend to embrace it. We’ve incorporated our efficient processes with innovative technology to produce you with a gunsmithing expertise not like the other.

We have enforced a sleek system that may permit you to feel worry free, we tend to additionally give email and phone calls once work’s completed. Lee Armory strives to produce top quality gunsmithing services for all firearms together with Combloc, AK Rifles, Glocks and far additional.

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