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  • KNS Adjustible Gas Piston for Standard AKM

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    KNS Adjustible Gas Piston for Standard AKM


    Finally, a drop-in solution for taming the notoriously-overgassed AK platform. The patent-pending KNS AK Adjustable Gas Piston is a replacement for the AK’s piston head that attaches to the bolt carrier in about 10 minutes with no major gunsmithing or permanent modification required. The user is granted an extremely wide range of gas adjustment for suppressed and unsuppressed use, as well as a variety of different kinds of ammunition.

    A good rule of thumb to determine if our piston will be useful, is if your gun throws the brass over 15 feet. This can signify excess gas pushing the carrier back at a higher velocity and pressure, than is needed for effective operation. This causes more recoil, more wear and tear, and less controllability. Many users are surprised to feel the difference in how their gun shoots with our Adjustable Gas Piston System installed.

    There is no need to remove or replace your gas block for adjustability. Just change the piston, and go shoot.

    They work better in AK’s of ALL CALIBERS with less excess gas.

    Key Benefits:

    -Tool-Free Adjustment

    -Reduces Recoil

    -Tune almost any AK for suppressed use

    -Decrease cyclic rate for full-auto fire

    -US-made 922r Compliance Part

    -Piston head assembly made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel

    -All surface parts nitrided for durable, low-friction, & easily-cleaned operation


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    Lee Armory Supply Drop Crate 7.62×39

    $275.00 $259.00
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    Lee Armory Supply Drop Crate 7.62×39

    Lee Armory Supply Drop Crate!

    (1) Lee Armory Supply Crate
    * MADE IN USA ??
    (3) XTech Magazines
    * World’s strongest polymer magazine
    * Fits most AK47s
    * Stainless Steel re-enforced feed lips and locking lugs
    * Spring anti-bind mechanism
    * Stainless Steel spring
    * Quick release base plate
    * 30 round capacity (PINNED AVAILABLE)
    (1) Tango Down BG-AK BATTLEGRIP™
    * Fits all true AK-pattern rifles.
    * Comfortable, ergonomic form
    * Aggressive non-slip texture
    * Weather-resistant internal storage
    (2) Tula 40 Round 7.62×39 Ammo Boxes
    (1) Military AK Mag Pouch
    * Pouches will vary – Polish, Romanian, East German, etc..
    (1) NEW Romanian Military Oiler from ROMARM Cugir, Romania ??
    (1) NEW Romanian Military AKM Cleaning Kit from ROMARM Cugir, Romania ??

    $275.00 $259.00