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The AKM is an assault rifle using the 7.62×39mm Soviet intermediate cartridge. it is gas operated with a rotating bolt. It is capable of selective fire, firing either single shots or automatic at a cyclic rate of 600 rounds/min. Despite being replaced within the late 1970s by the AK-74, the AKM remains in commission in some Russian Army reserve and second-line units and several other east European countries.The GRAU formally selected the AKM as the 6P1 assault rifle.

Compared with the AK-47, the AKM includes detail advances and enhancements that optimized the rifle for mass production. Some components and assemblies have been formed using simplified producing strategies. Notably, the AK-47’s milled steel receiver has been switched out by a U-shaped steel stamping. As a result of these modifications, this rifrle’s weight was reduced by ≈ 1 kg (2.2 lb), the accuracy throughout automatic fire was accumulated and several other dependability problems were addressed. The AK-47’s chrome-lined barrel was preserved, a typical feature of Soviet weapons which resists wear and corrosion, notably under harsh field conditions and near-universal eastern bloc use of corrosively set ammunition.

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