AK Double Window Round Counter Magazine – 30 Rounds


Our double window cut steel magazines are back! Made to fit AKM/AK-47 rifles, these hold 30 rounds and include a round count tracking system!

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They’re back! Our Double Window CNC-cut 30 round steel magazines are available for sale. This version features a build in round count tracker!

Magazine body features laser-engraved numbered markers from 10-30 rounds in 5 round increments with a Cerakote’d follower to easily draw the eye to current location. Springs and bodies are black oxide for corrosion resistance and contrast. More follower colors will be coming soon!

Magazines are patterned for AKM/AK-47 rifles in 7.62×39 and hold 30 rounds. Windows are cut on a CNC and hand deburred for smooth, user-friendly edges. Now you can easily track your rounds while you fire your AK pattern rifle.

All magazines are hand-tested for function before shipping. Magazines are sold as-is and are made from surplus Combloc mags.

Will only ship to states that allow 30 round magazines. Buyer is responsible for knowing their local laws. These magazines are intended for fun/recreational use. No guarantee is provided for function in adverse conditions.

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