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Romanian AIMS-74 Cerakote Finish 5.45×39 Rifle


$999.00 $899.00

Romanian AIMS-74 5.45×39
– Morrissey Receiver
– Rails corrected to prevent Bolt Carrier Jump
– CNC Drilled Trunnion Holes
– CNC Drilled Scope Mount Holes
– Morrissey, Properly Heat Treated Receiver.
– 4150v Steel Barrel
* Chrome Lined
– LA-Rv2 Russian Spec Rivets
– Tapco Enhanced Trigger w/ Polished Hammer
– Magpul Magazine
– Original Romanian AIMS-74 Wood
– We Plead the 2nd Cerakote Graphite Black
– Limited Lifetime Warranty
– RS Regulate Mount Compatible

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Romanian AIMS-74 w/ Chrome Lined Barrel BFPU Finish

Romanian AIMS-74 is a clone of the Soviet AK-74. In the mid 1970s Soviet Union switched from 7.62×39 mm ammunition to 5.45×39 mm round and encouraged other nations from Warsaw Pact, including Romania, to follow. Development of the new Romanian assault rifle commenced in the mid 1980s. Interestingly though the Romanian AIMS-74 is not a license-produced version of the Soviet AK-74. This weapon was designed independently and had some indigenous modifications. It was adopted by Romanian armed forces in 1986 as the Pusca Automata model 1986. (PA md.86 or simply md.86). It became a standard-issue infantry rifle and gradually replaced the older AIM assault rifle (license-produced version of the Soviet AKM). It is used in this role ever since. As of 2016 Romania has not yet switched to standard NATO ammunition.


With a strong tradition in military technique manufacturing, the National Company ROMARM tries to offers its clients the best technical solutions, in the same time maintaining a good quality-price proportion. All our products come with complete support and the possibility to be adapted or modified according to the end-user `s requirements.

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