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Romanian M10c Skeleton Kit CHF Chrome 16″ 7.62x39mm – Lee Armory


$699.00 $599.00

There is nothing more satisfying than building your own gun and I’m not talking about piecing together an AR-15. AK47 builds take a lot more patience and actual gunsmithing knowledge, however, this kit from Lee Armory is on the easier end as it comes pre-assembled from high quality ROMARM Romanian Military components. All that is required to finish this kit is assembly of the included trigger pack and choose your own stock, fore end, magazine, and pistol grip and you have a functional AKM. This kit is the result of Lee Armory and M+M Industries teaming up to provide a cost effective AKM Skeleton Kit manufactured from a Romanian Military Factory. Lee Armory gunsmiths opens the magwell to accept double stack magazines. Skeleton Kit is manufactured by ROMARM from current Forged Military Production components and features a Romanian Military Cold Hammer Forged Barrel. If you are looking for a quick, easy, and rewarding weekend project, this Romanian Skeleton Kit may the ticket!

Forged Military Components by ROMARM Cugir, Romania.
Barreled Action, Manufactured by ROMARM Cugir, Romania.
Bolt Carrier, Bolt, Recoil Spring, Safety and Trigger Components Included
Lee Armory Gunsmithing of Magwell for Double Stack Mag Configurations.
* This item is 100% Combloc!

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With a strong tradition in military technique manufacturing, the National Company ROMARM tries to offers its clients the best technical solutions, in the same time maintaining a good quality-price proportion. All our products come with complete support and the possibility to be adapted or modified according to the end-user `s requirements.

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