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Sporter Hunter AK – Forged Romanian Parts, CHF Barrel 7.62×39 – CALIFORNIA – Lee Armory


No Pistol Grip, 10 Round Mag

This is 100% legal for California !

BRAND NEW Romanian Military Parts From the Famous ROMARM Factory in Cugir, Romania!
Lee Armory Enhanced Receiver
– X, Y Full Auto Embossed Markings
– Rails corrected to prevent Bolt Carrier Jump
– CNC Drilled Trunnion Holes
– CNC Drilled Scope Mount Holes
– Selector notch for Semi Auto
– Morrissey Variance, Properly Heat Treated Receiver.
– Romanian CHF Chrome Lined Barrel
– Lee Armory Russian Spec Rivets
– Hunter Style Trigger
(1) 10 Round Magazine
* Rifle will accept any double stacked magazines.
– WPT2 Certified Cerakote Black
BRAND NEW – Lee Armory Monte Carlo Buttstock (MADE IN USA), Romanian Military Hand Guards.
– Limited Lifetime Warranty
– RS Regulate Mount Compatible

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Sporter Hunter AK

Sporter Hunter AK is 100% legal for New York, New Jersey, California and many other ban states.
Hunter Rifle! No Pistol Grip, 10 Round Mag

Introducing the Lee Armory RL-762 Hunter Rifle w/ ROMARM Forged Romanian Military Parts, Cold Hammer Forged, Chrome Lined Barrels and MADE IN USA Gunstocks! Sporter Hunter AK’s are legal in most States within the Great United States of America. Triggers are moved to the rear with our (PAT PEND) trigger system. Each rifle features hand fitted parts, Russian Spec Rivets providing increased strength and Certified Cerakote applied by We Plead the Second. Hunter RL-762 accepts double stack magazines for hunting outside of ban states. With add-on stock sets, simply changing screws and elbow grease will return the rifle back to AKM. Muzzle Nuts are included with Pin/Weld, once the customer moves from New York or other oppressive states, muzzle nut can be removed to expose threads. Contact Dead Air for suppressor sales and further information related to the Wolverine.



ManufacturerLee Armory
LocationPhoenix, AZ USA
TypeSemi-Automatic Rifle
Barrel lengthCold Hammer Forged 16.3″ Chrome Lined
SightsIron Leaf sights
Sights Radius14″
Caliber Options7.62х39mm

(COMING 2019) 5.45x39mm, .308Win, 9×39

Length, overall35.5″
Height, overall8.7″
Width, overall2.8″
Weight7.9 lbs.
OperationGas operated w/ rotating bolt
Accessory RailSide rail for optics
Feed System10 Round Magazine (Double Stack)

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