We offer classes to teach you how to build an AK type firearm! You will be shown how to create a mighty Kalashnikov type firearm from a mere parts kit using various methods and fixturing in our very own shop in Phoenix, AZ. We offer two types of classes:

Standard – $600

This class allows up to 5 students at a time and typically takes one day to complete. Prior to the class date all kits will have the populations completed and receivers prepped. The day will begin will riveting components to receivers, then reinstalling barrel assemblies, final assembly/fitting and test firing. This is geared towards people who want to be familiarized with the nuances of the platform and how/WHY it’s built/designed, and new builders who will most likely use pre-populated kits (most popular).

Advanced – $1200

This class is typically a one-on-one setting where a student is taught how to build a kit from the ground up. Taking up to two days, this class includes headspacing, populating, drilling/pinning components, receiver preparation, riveting, final assembly/fitting, and test firing. This is geared towards people who want an advanced knowledge of how/WHY the platform is designed/built and will most likely invest in tooling to build as a hobby or profession, or want to be intimately involved with the construction of their firearm. Regardless of the type of class taken they are currently scheduled by appointment, but typically are done on Sat/Sun. Each student will receive a debrief form via email following the class which outlines the tooling used, tooling recommended, and tooling sizes required for each build task to reference in the future.


Build class terms and conditions

  • If kits are being provided by the students then they must be delivered to the shop AT LEAST ONE WEEK in advance for inspection. This allows time for any modifications or parts replacement that may be needed, and any prep work required.
  • Payment must be received AT LEAST TWO WEEKS before the scheduled class date
  • Class fees are non-refundable. If a class has been paid for but the student can no longer attend, we will make every effort to schedule a time that works for them. Paid-for classes can be transferred to a different person if written authorization is provided.
  • Kits eligible for build class are most AK-types. Students are responsible for notifying us of the type of kit they want to build.
  • The Advanced Class will use some proprietary tooling. Students will have to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before beginning.
  • Both classes require an injury waiver to be signed before beginning.
  • Parts are NOT included. If parts are needed, they can be quoted and purchased separately.

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