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Lee Armory at Shot Show 2019!

Shot Show 2019 brought Lee Armory into the KVAR/MSR line up, next to quality import brands Molot and Arsenal. Further, M+M Industries and XTech Tactical featured several of our rifles for customers to review and examine manufacturing quality. Cassandra Harris joins our Senior Team as CEO/Owner of Lee Armory along side Joshua Leighton Owner/Sr Builder, […]

Customer Review – jonmane93

  So I got that hog in Florida today, it was roughly 125 pounds. I was around 25 meters away so I was pretty close. I put one round of Hornady black into its head and it went straight down. When I got up to it I shot it again to be humane. Fun story […]

Customer Feedback – Romanian BFPU AK-47

From our friends on Reddit! AestheticBreh writes: Got this Romanian “BFPU” AK from Lee Armory yesterday. Really impressed with the build quality so far, for the price its a great rifle. I was lucky enough to get trench art on my furniture, the hand guard has “Lumy” on one side and “MC” on the other. […]