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Lee Armory AK Rifles

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Lee Armory AKM’s Romanian Military Classic AKM 7.62×39 BRAND NEW Romanian Military Parts From the Famous ROMARM Factory in Cugir, Romania!Lee Armory Enhanced Receiver– X, Y Full Auto Embossed Markings– Rails corrected to prevent Bolt Carrier Jump– CNC Drilled Trunnion Holes– CNC Drilled Scope Mount Holes– Selector notch for Semi Auto– Morrissey Variance, Properly Heat […]

Polenar Tactical and AZMario4774 w/ Lee Armory BFPU Modified

View this post on Instagram Lee Armory would like to thank our very own AK Builder and Firearms Training Instructor Mario for his time in Texas! ==> Repost from @azmario4774 – Ziga from @polenartactical taking some shots through my @leearmory rifle he thought it was “FUCKING AWSOME” #kalashgamestrong #akoperator #akoperators #leearmory #Ak #AKM #AK47 #bfpu […]