AK User Guide provided by AK Operators Union Local 47-74 , special thank you to Robski for creating these videos! 

Canted sights are the most common complaint for new users. As a matter of fact, most of the time it’s the shooter! Therefore, we’ve provided an AK Operators Union Local 47-74 Tutorial on how to Zero AK Rifle.

AK rifles are the most understood and unrated firearms within the United States. Further, most new users aren’t familiar with the platform’s ergonomics. Therefore, we hope to provide the very best in Instruction of AKM Rifles online. AK User Guide by the best resource online AKOU! Moreover, check out the AK Operators Union Local 47-74 Instagram page for many AK videos. Additionally, check out AK Operators Union Local 47-74 Channel on YouTube.

Would you like to learn more? See AK Classes for complete instruction. From basic parts to a complete AKM rifle, we will show you the art of AK Rivet Smashing! Further, Barrel Populations including Head Spacing topics are covered. To summarize, Lee Armory prides itself in providing top quality builds and instruction industry wide. 

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